If you want to use zkLite Exchange on zkSync, you will first need to bridge your funds from Ethereum Layer 1 to zkSync Layer 2. After that, a one-time activation fee is required by zkSync's design to activate your account. You're then ready to start trading on

  1. Go to, switch your wallet network to Ethereum, connect your wallet, and sign the message to access your account

  2. Go to Top up -> Bridge and fill in the amount and the token you want to transfer from L1 to L2.

    • Alternatively, you can also top-up/deposit via Bybit, LayerSwap, ..v.v

  3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait until your funds are bridged to zkSync

  4. Once your funds have arrived, sign zkSync's one-time activation fee and start trading at

Check your account and transaction details:

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